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Sport Specific Programs

Our programs are tailored to keep you competing in peak condition.

Sport specific programs have been extremely popular over the last few years. We are currently running several tennis and figure skating groups during the week. These classes are geared to directly help strength and balance the muscles involved in the specific sport. They all give athletes a chance to train with other high level athletes in their sport which pushes everyone to do their best. 

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Ice Hockey

Base Fitness currently trains many adult hockey players. Classes are geared towards building overall strength and improving cardio levels. Many exercises are designed specifically for hockey to help improve strength and coordination on the ice.


Our soccer training is run by experienced trainers who have been playing the sport for many years. We are dedicated to help you improve in all areas of the sport. Whether you want to focus on position-specifc skills, increasing strength and speed or enhancing mental toughness, we can create the right program for you.


Base Fitness has a long tradition in training high performance tennis players. Many current Canadian tennis pros have had their early fitness training with Reggie. We currently have players competing at the local, provincial, national, and international level.


Over the past decade, B.A.S.E Fitness has trained many Olympic and National level rowers. The sport of rowing requires such great strength, power, and endurance that the conditioning program is critical for success on the water. At B.A.S.E Fitness we have developed a great system that has helped many of these athletes reach their full potential.

Figure Skating

B.A.S.E Fitness has the privilege to work in conjunction with the Vancouver Skating Club, training some of the best skaters in the province and country. Our figure skating classes are designed to help you improve your movement and performance capabilities on the ice.

Personal Training

Personal Training is exactly that “Personal”. When clients come to us, we like to sit down and talk with each person and find out important information that can help us put together the best possible program to help them achieve their goals. Our programs are based around functional training techniques. The key to better overall performance and body function is building muscle connection so that everything works together as one part.

Group Classes

At B.A.S.E Fitness we offer many group classes. We have found over the years that the benefits from training together go far beyond the gym. Our classes consist of a cardio warm-up followed by dynamic stretching and functional exercises done either as a timed circuit or individual sets. Cardio circuits are also implemented and static stretching is done at the end of each class.

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